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Bespoke Services: List
denim jacket with applique lace design on red haired model

As well as the items shown in our online shop, we are pleased to be able to offer you the following services

Tessa's Tiaras: The Perfect Finishing Touch with
Our Bespoke Services

Designed for you


We offer a design and consultation service for your jewellery, hair accessories, even contemporary bouquets (fresh or dried flowers excluded) resulting in unique handmade accessories to perfectly complement your outfit or theme and made for you.

In our studio we have many designs you can try to gauge size, design, colour so we can rule out and rule in what works best for you.

birdcage veil with lace and beadwork

Handmade for you


We understand that not everyone has the same body measurements and dimensions (I am the short one in my household!)  We make made to measure tulle and birdcage veils. 


We can colour match and make to length your perfect veil, adding the finishing touches and embellishments to complement your full outfit.

Satin Laces

Make It Yours


It's a fact that if you have an 'off the peg' veil or pair of shoes that someone somewhere will have the same.  We offer an embellishment service for veils and shoes (and many other things) to add some of your personality to these items and to truly make them yours.

A comfortable (a wedding day must) but plain pair of shoes (heels, wellies or pumps and plimsolls!) can be embellished in a way to make them look more fitting for the occasion with lace, ribbon, beads and much more.  These little touches allow your personality to shine through.

Make It You


At Tessa's Tiaras we have a 15 needle industrial embroidery machine (called CYBIL!)  CYBIL enables me to be able to add embroidery and personalisation to many pre-made fabric items.  Have a denim jacket or a cotton robe?  CYBIL can embroider (and embellish) it.  Need an embroidered poem on a handkerchief or intials on your veil?  CYBIL can do that too.

We are happy to provide or source the items that you wish to have embroidered or these can be provided by you.

Lace and detail to veil

Repairs & Reconstructions

Head Pieces & Veils

We know that sentiment plays a strong role in planning a wedding and that sometimes accessories and veils do not always stand the test of time.

We will look at your Nana's veil or your Mum's silk crown that is a little worse for wear and see if it is repairable or can be repurposed  in some way to still be part of your day, enabling these pieces to be adapted to your day and passed down to the next generation for theirs.  Often, one head piece can be carefully dismantled and made into accessories for all the bridal party and close family members.

Embroidery on an apron, purple cat on black apron

Pride In Your Business


Our embroidery machine CYBIL has scope for many uses so we are pleased to be able to offer a service to our colleagues and fellow businesses too. 


We can arrange to have your logo hand digitised into embroidery format and embroidered onto workwear which can be provided by either you or us. 


No minimum order quantity.

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