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By signing this contract you agree to the following:

All designs remain the intellectual property and copyright of Tessa’s Tiaras and are not to be replicated by anyone else without prior written and signed consent by Tessa’s Tiaras.

A 50% deposit of the final cost is payable to enable the purchase of materials and components including any tax or carriage costs for your order. 

In the event of a cancellation by you, the customer, this amount is non refundable and forfeited in lieu of costs and consultation time. 

Should construction or preparation work already have started on your order at the time of cancellation then the full balance will become due.

Any changes to the design, components or colours after payment of the deposit may incur an additional charge should they prove to be more expensive, time consuming or if previously agreed components have already been ordered.   This is at the discretion of Tessa’s Tiaras and where possible will be advised to you prior to the commencement of any works.

Please tick the following consent boxes as appropriate:

 I do/  do not consent to Tessa’s Tiaras contacting our event photographer to obtain professional photos of the items provided for use on but not restricted to social media, portfolio, website or marketing purposes. 

Our photographer is: ____________________

I do/  do not wish to be tagged or named in the above. 

(For example we tend to refer to our couples as Mr/Mrs ‘M’ or ‘A & J’ as a general rule where consent for tagging is not provided)

I confirm that any photograph or media provided by us, the couple, to Tessa’s Tiaras are pre-approved with the owner of the copyright (photographer/videographer) and consent to share by Tessa’s Tiaras has been given.


Print Name:


Our Design Contract Terms: Text
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