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Something Blue ...

Did you know that the "something blue" is a sign of purity, faithfulness and loyalty?

What I love about these traditions is that they can be tiny little nods. From a solitary blue stitch in the seam of your wedding dress, to a blue crystal charm, or a blue bow on your garter.

OR you can go big! You can have an accessory focused on the colour blue. I thoroughly enjoyed making large blue metal flowers from diet coke cans no less! I also loved the surprise of an embroidered panel stitched to the inside hem of the wedding dress.

I am always happy to discuss ideas or solutions to things, no matter how small they may be.

Too much to think about? You could bend the rules a little and let the groom tick this box. Embroidered boxers with "property of the new Mrs", blue cufflinks or socks.

Better still ... Marry a Smurf!!

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