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Something New, Something Borrowed ...

With something old representing your past lives entwined, something new is said to represent your future lives together.

The chances are that there will be something within your wedding attire that will be new; new dress, new shoes, new accessories.

It's quite fun to plan what your something new is actually going to be, it can make for one of those really great photos, to have all of your good luck tokens together and you may want just a small trinket such as a pair of earrings, some shoe clips or a new hair accessory. I can of course help you with all of these items and you can also be involved as much as you like in the design aspect so you'll feel fantastic in your accessory made uniquely for you.

Something Borrowed

Have you thought of what your Something Borrowed might be? This should be from another happily married couple to pass their good luck along.

Maybe a clutch bag from a friend, or a veil that they wore for their own wedding? It could even be a button or a paper clip that you attach to the inner hem of your dress - just remember to give it back or it's no longer borrowed!

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